ShareFile Citrix Systems Review

The variety of modern market of virtual data rooms for companies not so much simplifies life as it complicates the process of searching and choosing a platform for individual requirements of every corporate client. That’s why we try to make the process a little easier and offer reviews of the most popular data rooms on the market today. Today we suggest learning a bit more about ShareFile Citrix Systems, its benefits, and features of use.


What ShareFile Citrix Systems options can enterprise clients use?

ShareFile Citrix Systems is a virtual platform with options for document management, communication support, scheduling and key performance tracking. The developers position their product as a universal one that is suitable for use in companies with different specifics and scales of operations. The main advantages of using Data Room include:

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface, which does not require special knowledge and efforts to learn the peculiarities of working with it;
  • Large file storage (up to 100 GB), which can be increased if necessary;
  • Flexible pricing policy – users can choose several pricing plans depending on their needs and the number of required options, there is also a free trial version;
  • Quite a wide range of tools to support communication and corporate file-sharing;
  • Options for organizing a collaborative workflow by gaining access to a virtual room and file storage.

Despite the platform’s fairly good list of features, some users of ShareFile Citrix Systems point out shortcomings in its operation. In particular, the platform provides a limited set of work options, which may not always meet the needs of customers, especially when increasing the scale of their activities. Also, there are no publicly available editing and formatting tools when working with documents, which slightly delays the workflow as a whole.


What do ShareFile Citrix Systems users need to know?

Despite conflicting user reviews, Citrix Systems’ ShareFile virtual platform has a good rating in today’s technology market. This is due to:

  1. Easy Getting Started. To start using the free trial version, all you have to do is provide your information and email address. Installing the platform also does not require much time and effort, as well as learning the features of the functionality.
  2. Sufficient set of options for collaborative work. In particular, these features relate to working with documents. They can be uploaded to the file repository directly from your account, directly from a user’s device, or with a special submission form. This may not seem like much, but in fact, these options can be quite sufficient for working in a company.
  3. Synchronization with popular office programs. ShareFile Citrix Systems can be used in conjunction with other office programs to improve workflow. In doing so, contact records, documents, and communication tools can be shared.

ShareFile Citrix Systems can be a great basis for a new digital workflow.